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LGBTQ+ Services

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Health Center clinicians are committed to ensuring that LGBTQ+ students receive the highest quality medical care in a safe, respectful space. All of our staff members have received SAFE (Students, Staff, and Faculty for Equality) training from the campus’ LGBTQ Resource Center, and we strive to provide students with the right medical care and advice related to their individual bodies and perspectives.

In addition to concerns about general confidentiality, LGBTQ patients may have concerns that their sexual orientation not be disclosed without their consent. Patients can rest assured that appointments with our clinicians and other Student Health Center staff members are confidential. By law parents, friends, professors, coaches and other school officials do not have access to any Student Health Center patient records. The only way that someone may know about an appointment is if that information is shared by the patient, if the patient provides the Student Health Center with written permission to release the information, or if the department is required by legal directive.


The Student Health Center provides Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for transgender students. We follow World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care, which requires informed consent and a letter of support from a counselor. Lab monitoring is offered at a low cost.

Psychosexual Therapy

Psychosexual therapy (or counseling) is a specialized therapeutic technique carried out by professionals with backgrounds in counselling and medicine. It is specifically designed to help people living with difficulties that are of a psychological, sexual nature and that are too complex or difficult to be resolved on their own.

In order to receive hormone-replacement therapy at our clinic, a student must provide a letter from a licensed counselor. This policy is in line with WPATH standards.

Health Insurance

For information on family-planning services, which includes all preventative sexual health services, click here.

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