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Reserving the GEM Electric Vehicle

The Student Health GEM electric vehicle is available for reservations by designated authorized drivers. “Designated Authorized Drivers” refer to individuals who have up-to-date University driver authorization, as well as vehicle-specific training through the Student Health Center or University Police.

Review the GEM guidelines and user agreement. 

Report Damage



Request the presence of the vehicle

This may be most applicable to outdoor events, or events with walks, marches, etc. If you would like one of our staff members to drive the GEM at your event, please complete the request form.

Vehicle Presence Request



Reserve for designated authorized drivers

Request a reservation for your department to operate the vehicle for a University event. If you are already a designated authorized driver of the GEM, you can check the Google calendar “SHC Electric Vehicle” to make sure it will be available during the time you hope to use it.

If you are not already a designated authorized driver, please contact Juliana Kahrs at for training information.

Reservation Request

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